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plug and play HID conversion kits with 2 year warranty from date of purchase
Price: $99.99
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Hi Low Bi-Xenon HID Conversion kits FREE SHIPPING ON ALL KITS!!!
Bi-Xenon HID bulb is for made for H4/9003,9004,9007,H13, where the factory low beam and high beam is on one bulb. The Bi-Xenon will allow you to have both low beam and high beam in HID. The Bi-Xenon setup is a single-capsule that generates regular low beam & high beam using the HID capsule patterns. This is done by using a movable shutter. It is more expensive due to the required controllers. This saves energy, money, construction space and weight. The Bi-Xenon bulbs comes with a battery harness that allows you connect the HID directly to the battery. The Bi-Xenon HID Conversion Kit WILL NOT WORK with Daytime Running Lights and will have to be disable in order for the Bi-Xenon to work properly. Please contact us for more details.

Price: $110.00
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HID Bulbs (1 pair)
Replacement HID bulbs with 2 year warranty from date of purchase
Price: $40.00
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HID Relay Harness
This wiring draws power directly from the battery and supply stable power current to your HID ballast.
Price: $20.00
D2S D2R Adapter Cable
Adapter cables to connect your D2 Bulbs to AMP ballast. (Sold in Pair)
Price: $20.00
HID Warning Cancellers
This is a pair of HID Warning Cancellers, also known as HID Bulb Out Cancellers, HID Warning Capacitors, HID Error Decoders.

For some cars with a computer control unit, when installed with a Xenon HID kit, it could cause a variety of malfunctional symtoms such as light flickering or strobe effect, error code on the dash board, or simply not turning on. This is due to the fact that HID kits draws a different current from conventional halogen lights. This causes the car's computer unit to "think" there is a bulb out situation. A simple and cost effective solution to this problem is to install our HID Warning Cancellers. These HID Warning Cancellers have built in capacitors made to work with HID kits to balance the current, thus eliminating any of the above issues with your HID kit.

Our Warning Cancellers have been tested and proven to work with most cars known to have issues with HID kits. Some cars that are known to require warning cancellers are:
Chrysler 300C, Dodge Magnum, Dodge Ram, Dodge Charger and some Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz models, etc. Many newer car models with a computer controlled headlights would also require these HID Warning Cancellers.

Price: $30.00
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